SCS-6100MA Fully Digital Congress Main Unit

  1. Advanced TCP/IP communication protocol in PC controlled mode, easy to carry out remote control through RJ-45 interface within LAN.
  2. Auto-on/off: Microphones will be turned on when we turn the main unit on.There is no need to press the power keys of the microphones one by one.When we turn off the main unit,all microphones will be off automatically.
  3. Rugged aluminum alloy, high temperament brushed appearance , durable, high-grade
  4. With the functions of discussion, voting and video tracking
  5. The transmission distance can reach about 100 meters
  6. Equipped with audio-in connector, it is able to have background music
  7. Working with record equipment, it can record the meeting live
  8. Automatic memory after power off
  9. Working with the phone coupler, it can open a telephone conference with remote user
  10. 3 ports for microphone units, one main unit can be linked 128 microphone units, with extension of main unit can be linked up to 4096 microphone units
  11. With a big LCD display, it can display Chinese and English, display the menu and mode state
  12. Cooperating with the central control system, it becomes a powerful conference controller and achieve the super function of camera auto-tracking, it can be connected at most 4 cameras
  13. The activity microphones can be limited in different numbers according to requirements.
  14. It can work with PC or without PC

    A.Without PC, it can be set the following conference modes:
    ①Chairman mode: only chainman unit can be turned on
    ②Free mode: any amount of microphone units can be turned on
    ③Limit mode: set 1/2/3/4/5/6 microphone units can be turned on, the speaking number can not exceed the pre-set
    ④Fifo mode: set 1/2/3/4/5/6 microphone units can be turned on,; When it reaches the set number of speakers, the follow-up microphone open, then the first speaker will automatically exit the speaking statement, but not all speakers exit
    ⑤C.ONLY Mode: speakers’ number is unrestricted in this mode
    ⑥Application Mode: when the delegate unit wants to speak, the microphone must be opened for applying to chairman unit. In this mode, allow 3 units to queue up for speaking
    ⑦Auto-Meeting Mode: you can set the number of talkers for 1-6 in this mode and set a restricted time for speaker, when the time is up, the speaking unit will be turned off automatically
    B.Working with PC, there are some function besides above:
    ①Check the line to find the problem unit out
    ②Display the list of attendees, candidates, the meeting content
    ③Print out the result of sign in, voting
    ④Play background music

Power supply 100-240V
Static consumption 10W
Nominal power consumption 350W
Output power ≤110W/24V
Audio output Impedance:600Ω unbalanced
Audio input Impedance:2KΩ,Level:-60dB,Unbalanced
Frequency 60-12KHz
SNR >80dB
Harmonic distortion <0.5%
Harmonic distortion at overload <1%
Crosstalk attenuation at >50dB
Weight 7.2KG
Dimension 430L×275W×90H(mm)
Color Black/grey


  1. Serial communication port: With 9-pin connectors to connected the computer.
  2. LINE IN: can be connected the CD player etc. as the background music for the venue.
  3. LINE OUT, can be connected the Power amplifier or mixer.
  4. REC OUT, high impedance output, can be connected recording equipment.
  5. PHONE OUT, headphone socket, can be linked to the 16 -68ohm headphone or other equipments.
  6. Balance output for connecting the equipment which need to balance input.
  7. Microphone unit jack in branch, each road can be connected 25 -55 units depending on the venue situation.
  8. expansion jack:  for expanding the mainframe to connecting more SCS-6100E extension main unit.
  9. Video signal input
  10. Video signal output
  11. Camera communication port
  12. Main power jack. This machine be used: AC110V 60Hz ~ AC24V 50Hz..