Business Manager


     1, led to participate in overseas companies to bid for projects, the development of business solutions, business A marked and tender production; 

     2, in accordance with the established negotiating objectives and strategies involved in the enterprise network contract negotiations, to avoid the contract risk and ensure contract quality; 

     3 to participate in the enterprise business contract review and contract quality assessment to ensure the the Business Solutions accuracy and contract quality; Collect, analyze the information of the local business environment, channel demand information, and industry information and business data to develop and improve enterprise business model and business solutions. 


Job requirements: 

    1, Bachelor degree or above, more than three years work experience; international economy and trade, international financial investment, international economic law, international project management professional background; 

    2, rich international trade, international finance, international business, contract management, international project management, international business experience. Telecommunications industry, business or international engineering contract business, international bidding experience is preferred; Fluent English listening, reading, say, writing, and translation; bilingual abilities preferred; 

    3, strong analytical, communication skills; teamwork; 

    4, it is able to adapt to and willing to be stationed overseas work.