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    Fully Digtal Congress System

    Digtal Wireless Infrared System

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    Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

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    Building Technologies

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    Security& Detection

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    Auto parts and Connectors

    BNC,SMA,SMB,TNC,UHF,N,F Connectors&Tools Auto parts and Connectors

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    Seawater desalination

    Seawater desalination Solution & Solar-Powered system

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Products and Solutions


Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

  Fully Digital Congress System   Solar EV Charger System
Paper Business  

Auto parts and Connectors



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     December,28. 2019
      African Delegation visit SAMCEN Group 2019. more



    Dec. 23. 2019
   Kenya Governors visited Samcen Group in 2019 . more



    Oct. 26. 2019

      Asia- Europe countries central government official visited SAMCEN



     Sep. 18-20 . 2019
      English Speaking Countries official visit SAMCEN.more




     July , 15-17, 2019
      African Central Government Offical visit SAMCEN . more



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      Samcen Group, founded in 2004, is located in Shenzhen, which with high speed economically developed, known as the City of Science and Technology. With the expansion of our business, Samcen Group has several subsidiaries, and the scope of business including digital conference system, intelligent transportation system, infrastructure, new energy products, tourism project and industrial raw materials, integrating scientific research, development, production, sales, installation and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

      Samcen Group was founded in 2004, which was principally engaged in research, development and manufacture of conference system in the early stage. In the 14 years of development, we have been always pursuing reputation and focusing on quality. As a result of continuous innovation, Samcen Group is a well-known diversified international enterprise. For the further development and professional service, Samcen Group has industry-leading technology and a large amount of experienced professional and technical personnel. Relying on rich industry knowledge and many years of experience in production and operation management, Samcen Group has set up an effective service in practice process to meet the needs of customers.

      Samcen Group is engaged in the business of acting as manufacturer and supplier of the international engineering projects, and its business scope covers over 100 countries all over the world, its business sectors involve: governmental agencies, international organizations, transmission and transformation, energy, infrastructure, tourism, light building technology, telecommunication and many other industries. We have established a great long-term relationship with many countries, such as the USA, Russia, Australia, France, Kenya, Nigeria and Iran. In view of high quality products and outstanding customer service, we win a high admiration and are widely trusted at home and abroad.



In 2004, founded Samcen Group Co., Ltd..

In 2004, at the same year, set up Samcen Industrial Co., Ltd., and it is the first one subsidiary of Samcen Group.

In 2005, successfully developed the first set of digital discussion system with audio track function.

In 2006, established electronic technology Co., Ltd. as one of Samcen Group’s subsidiaries.

In 2007, successfully developed thefirst remote video conferencing systems,realizing sound automatic tracking.

In 2008, established Samcen Intelligent Transportation Technology Co., LTD.

In2009, Samcen electronic technology company became one of the biggest suppliers in the United State.

In 2010, Samcen Intelligent Transportation Technology Company became the nominated supplier in Kenya.

In 2011,Samcen Group developed seawater desalination business.

In 2012, Tanzania President Special Envoy and his delegation visited Samcen Group.

In 2013, SAMCEN products entered Congress of the European Union branch in the Republic of Kenya.

In 2014, Samcen Industrial Company developed the newest wireless infrared intelligent conference system.  

In 2015,27 members of the government delegation visit samcen Group.

  • In 2016, SAMCEN has been authorized the international registered trade mark through the Madrid system. At the same year, SAMCEN obtained two new type granted patents.

  • In 2017, SAMCEN got the title of International High-Tech Enterprise.